Male PMS

Why do I get male PMS?


Some scientists say that oestrogen gets expelled by females into the air, causing males they are close to to experience PMS-like symptoms. Just to play it safe, I suggest you carry around a box of tampons at all times, and if at any time you feel unnecessarily angry, miserable, or have sudden mood swings, shove one of them little bundles of joy up your posterior.

And if it comes out red, it means you stuck it in their too forcefully, or you need to see your doctor about cancer :-)

Ryan The Great

Oh, dear, PMS is for women. Men have something called Testosterone, which can sometimes make them do barbaric things like: picking on weak kids, beating up punching bags, or declaring war on unimportant countries. And when these things are thwarted by meddling whatevers, it does tend to get irritating, and you tend to feel like mouthing off at that jerk that cut you off in traffic, or punching that a-hole that parked in your spot.

So if you get these kind of symptoms, and you are not a woman, it's perfectly natural. Unfortunately, you have nothing to blame it on, so you will have to take responsibility for everything...

...if you are experiencing other symptoms like bleeding out your penis, or groin cramps, I'd see a frikking doctor while you still can!

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