Post-structural Panalysis

Hi, I have an assignment where I have to put on a panel discussion about having a panel discussion... very post-structuralist stuff.

How should I go about this?


Dear Stan,

So, you need to have a panel about having a panel. This is the exact sort of mind-boggling, liberal-agenda, bro-science anti-logic I would expect from university.

Nonetheless, there are a few options available for you.

The worst option you could choose would be to ask the Awesome Ramjet to discuss your panel-discussing nazism on our website, thus causing somewhat of a panel discussion about panel discussions amidst our ranks.

The second-worst option you could choose would be to call a meeting after class and get all your peers to sit around a desk, and interrogate them about how to have a panel discussion.

But my advice is that you call Network 10, and demand a one-off revival of their hit show "The Panel," with yourself as the host. Then, as everyone watches their television intently, ask your panel the question: "So, how do we do this, exactly?"

Ryan The Great

Well, DanStan, that is a very good question.


I'll conduct a panel and get back to you...

The Cozburger


Post-structural Panalysis


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