Fear of the Unknown

It couldn't hurt. Could it?

Elle Menopea

Depends where you put it. For example, wedging it between the long bones of the knee and the knee cap could hurt a great deal. Whereas placing it on a coffee table could be relatively pain free.

This one time, I put a keyring through a key, and this experience was barely painful at all. This other time, I put a keyring through my thumb. This was very painful.

What I know for certain is that I definitely don't know the levels of pain involved in unknown circumstances, thus arises a problem. Sometimes not knowing is painful on its own - for example, I am in great emotional pain this very moment as I realise that I don't know what unknown issue may or may not be painful, other than that it is indeed unknown. But if it were known I could certainly tell you from a very professional standpoint whether or not it would be painful. But alas, I do not know.

On the bright side, if it does hurt, I know first aid. Just remember to rest, ice, compress and elevate.

Ryan The Great

Anything and everything can hurt.

...if you do it wrong...

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