Hi Anxiety Levels

I want to say hi, but I have terrible approach anxiety. Help!


Ah yes, "approach anxiety," I get that too. All the time. Here's a few ways of dealing with the situation.

1. The Passive-Approachive Method: When someone walks past you, say "Hi." Technically, they approached you, so what's to be anxious about?

2. Mumble relentlessly to yourself in a very public place. Whenever a word that sounds like "hi" or has a syllable that sounds like "hi" in it, say that one syllable a little too loud to the person next to you. For example: "...and i was talking to myself and someone said 'are you HIgh?' and i said...." or "...i was in oHIo when she tripped under the HIgh beams..."

3. Turn "Hi" into a nervous twitch. This way, your anxiety about approaching people will work to support your need to reach out and talk to people.

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