Sexy Priest

I'm attracted to a pastor. Shameful, I know, and I would never put the moves on him, but there is something about him that is so hypnotic. I could listen to him talk for hours and hang on his every word. Plus, he smells sooooooooo good. He's just so irresistable.

Am I going to hell for this?


Yes, you're going to hell. But don't take it personally. Lots of people go to hell, from what I hear. So you might just get to hang out with a whole new group of sexy pastors and get the funky on with them for the rest of eternity.

Ryan The Great

Well, Unanimous, as far as I see it, it's just an attraction. It's perfectly natural. Unless you act on it, you shouldn't have any negative spiritual repercussions.

...then again, he's the pastor, not me...

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