Why is this site so great?!


Many years ago, two of the greatest minds met, and became life-long friends. They laughed, shared jokes, got ostracised for pretending to be Power Rangers, and grew into brilliant young men.

Then in a drunken haze, one of the two [I'll give you a hint, it was me, though I wasn't actually drunk] came up with a stupid idea, and thus was the birth of this awesome site.

We then marketed it relentlessly [okay, I told some strangers about it and never uttered a word to a new person about it ever again], and every now and again, between burps, we decided to come back and see if anyone had noticed us.

They hadn't.

Ryan The Great

Before time began, there was the "Kube". We know not where it comes from - only that it has the power to create websites, and fill them with awesome. That is how The Awesome Ramjet was born.

...or, more accurately, a couple of awesome guys decided that it would be an awesome idea to pool all of their awesome power into an awesome website, while hanging out down at the local bar (which was not so awesome). The result?

It was pretty good...

The Cozburger


Post-structural Panalysis


Universal Question

Government Girl

'Tis The Reason

Attention Seeking

Fear of the Unknown

Question Of Questions

Hi Anxiety Levels

Brett's Bread

Sexy Priest

Greener Pastures



Please Respond

Romantic Blues

Baby Juice


Male PMS


Too Lazy To Study

The Meaning Of Spoons

Theology At It's Deepest

That Place Called Heaven

The Meaning Of Life

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