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Ryan: Why do guys (generally) take so long to reply to text messages, emails, comments on myspace etc. Is it because they don't want to seem too keen in replying straight away? This is not just to people liking each other, or one liking the other...

Or is it that they just cant be stuffed replying and leave it until later. And then why do they repeatedly do this and use the same excuses why they take so long to reply? Like I thought I replied to this 5 days ago I forgot.. when it seems they do this on a regular basis. Surely they cant be that forgetful

They only seem to reply quickly when they like someone (sometimes- other times they take hrs/days) or its something super interesting. Its obvious they read the txt messages or comments earlier just take hours or days to reply.

Do they do this cause they know it drives us insane and that we will be thinkign bout them..but that only applies to certain people


It's hard for me to answer this, because you answer your own questions several times in there. That's a tough cookie to crack.

But essentially, males reply late to sms's because A) we forgot to reply earlier, B) we're too cool to reply, C) we're too lazy to reply, or D) you sms'd at 2:38AM and it's not worth getting out of bed at that hour just on the vague possibility that it might be a cute girl wanting a bootie call.

There are other reasons, but quite honestly I'm too lazy to list them. Heck, it already took me like 5 days to answer this question. Which I thought I did straight away, really. I just forgot.

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