The Meaning Of Life

what is the meaning of life?


Gosh, I sure am lucky to get this as my very first question. Being a philosopher of sorts, I have pondered and researched this question myself, many a time. Some say the meaning of life is to live for the moment and have fun. Some say the meaning of life is to love each other and cherish ever minute as if it were your last. Some say the meaning of life is 42.

However, the truth is, the real meaning of life is to find a way to make money by coming up with some scummy, obvious answer that leaves people like you still asking thousands of years later.

Ryan The Great

Well, I'm no philosopher, so I'll just go with what I've got.

The meaning of life is: a way or manner of living.

...then again, what would I know - I don't have one...

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The Meaning Of Life

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